Greenhouse Management Workshop: Sustainable & Safe Crop Production

Concurrent session 1: Ornamental Crops—Reducing Chemical Inputs

Calcium Chloride for Fungi Control, Uttara Samarakoon, OSU

Silicon Application for Crop Health, Jennifer Boldt, USDA-ARS

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria, Michelle Jones, OSU

Biology and Ecology of Fungal/Oomycete Pathogens, Francesca Hand, OSU

Grower Talk on Nutrient Discharge Management, Speaker invited

Concurrent session 2: Food Crops—Hydroponic Food Safety GAPs**

Presented by: Melanie Ivey, Sanja Ilic, and Beth Scheckelhoff, OSU

Introduction to GAPs: Basics of Biology of Foodborne Pathogens

General Considerations in Hydroponics

Water Quality: Postharvest, Post Storage, Transport, and Traceability

Developing Your Food Safety Plan, SOPs, and Checklists

Panel Discussion

Tour: Commercial Greenhouse

** GAPs Certification of Completion will be provided to those who attend the entire concurrent session in person. Online attendees will need to complete an online quiz.