Greenhouse Management Workshop: Sustainable & Safe Crop Production

Concurrent session 1: Ornamental Crops—Reducing Chemical Inputs

Calcium Chloride for Fungi Control, Uttara Samarakoon, OSU

Silicon Application for Crop Health, Jennifer Boldt, USDA-ARS

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria, Michelle Jones, OSU

Biology and Ecology of Fungal/Oomycete Pathogens, Francesca Hand, OSU

Grower Talk on Nutrient Discharge Management, Speaker invited

Concurrent session 2: Food Crops—Hydroponic Food Safety GAPs**

Presented by: Melanie Ivey, Sanja Ilic, and Beth Scheckelhoff, OSU

Introduction to GAPs: Basics of Biology of Foodborne Pathogens

General Considerations in Hydroponics

Water Quality: Postharvest, Post Storage, Transport, and Traceability

Developing Your Food Safety Plan, SOPs, and Checklists

Panel Discussion

Tour: Commercial Greenhouse

** A Certificate of Completion will be provided to those who attend the entire concurrent session in person. Online attendees will need to complete an online quiz to receive the certificate of completion.  Note: A certificate of completion is not the same as GAPs Certification.