Perspectives from Pennsylvania Supermarkets

April 2, 2012

A survey of supermarkets in Pennsylvania, published in the Journal of Extension (, finds that supermarkets of PA will increasingly require fresh produce farms to receive GAP training or GAP audits before they will buy produce.  Of these, a percentage of stores also intends to buy an increased volume of fresh local produce locally, making GAP-trained or certified produce farms in a growing market demand.

read full study here at the Journal of Extension.

While we cannot generalize results from only Pennsylvania stores to stores across all of the U.S.; this study is a lesson all states should take. Produce safety is a lasting concern and requirements will continue to increase.  It would be wise for produce growers to at least start with GAP training and education and begin improving their farms where feasible and in advance. Preemptively preparing will lessen the burden when and if customers demand GAP prep on the farm.